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Con mucho gusto y satisfacción queremos anunciar que el mas reciente disco del Salmista y Pastor hondureño, Carlos Obed Martinez, “Atraparte con mi voz” esta disponible en Pandora Internet Radio para todos los mas de 250 millones de usuarios en Estados Unidos, Nueva Zelandia y Australia.

Busca nuestra música y juntos adoremos el Nombre del Señor!!

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Atraparte con mi voz en “El Antivirus”

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Disponible “On demand” en el sitio web de CVC La Voz

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Con mi amigo Rafael Angel Perez ganador del Premio Aguila, presentando las producciones musicales:

1. Atraparte con mi voz – Carlos Obed Martinez

2. Aroma de Adoración – Samael Lopez & Linaje Escogido

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Carlos Martinez presenta su disco “Atraparte con mi voz” en Expolit15


En el marco de la convención más importante de la industria cristiana, el cantautor presentará su nuevo disco «Atraparte con mi voz», y lanzará internacionalmente el proyecto Honduras Worship que reúne 20 salmistas emergentes del país.

El pastor y cantautor Carlos Obed Martinez quien ha marcado las vidas de muchas personas con sus producciones discográficas; llegará a Miami, Florida, para ser parte de la convención con su reciente álbum “Atraparte con mi voz”

Así mismo, estará realizando un media tour en la Ciudad del Sol y tendrá una Conferencia de Prensa durante Expolit, donde se presentará internacionalmente este disco que transmite el verdadero sentido de la alabanza y la adoración.

Honduras Worship es una iniciativa de Dios, un mover en el cual nos permite escuchar el corazón agradecido de muchos David’s que se encuentran en el anonimato, pero que Dios está levantando.

En el marco de la convención el equipo de adoradores de Honduras Worship realizará una gira de medios, y además tendrá una Conferencia de Prensa el viernes, 1 de mayo, a las 12:00 m

Para mayor información y coordinar entrevistas:

The Music changes lives…

The Music Changes Lives

“The name of the project has been true for me personally, the music changed my life”. As a teenager who played a little drums, I was encouraged by my father to pursue the idea of studying music professionally. Later he passed away, so I kept my promise and completed the high school music program offered at our city.

Music opened up doors for me and my brothers to go to college, in Honduras and abroad; I was able to get a degree in marketing thanks to an artistic scholarship in the best university of Honduras.

As a singer-songwriter, I’ve had the opportunity to record two albums and it has always been a big challenge due to lack of resources, contacts and money. As I traveled up and down the country touring, people would come up to me and show me their music. I saw first hand the incredible amount of potential that exists already and I would always say, impressed: -People need to listen to this song, this sound is meant to be heard everywhere.

As I mentioned, the biggest obstacle is always the financial side. It cost me a lot of time and money to get started but now I’ve gained the necessary experience to produce affordable and high-quality records.

The Music changes lives

Hello my name is Carlos Martinez and I am the director of Open Skies Productions and this time I want to invite you to be part of the project called “The Music Changes Lives”
The project consists of supporting singers and musicians from Honduras who do not have the financial resources to record a song or an entire disk. The idea is to encourage them, there is much potential and talent in Honduras and the idea is that they can be support, they can be boost so that they can record your own music
If you decide to support your contribution I will be invested in equipping a recording studio professionally in design and in terms of recording equipment, microphones, cables, monitors, everything needed to record professionally and also musical instruments, so that people who come to our studio and do not have the economic capacity to record, can find a place to have available all the requirements and tools needed to complete that dream you have in your heart, recording his own music
We appreciate the time and the opportunity it has taken to view this video and share this video with friends and family, knowing that your contribution will greatly impact the lives of many young Honduras and around the world. Thank You.